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The Herb Barn


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About Us

The Herb Barn is nestled in the mountains of Western Maryland, surrounded by a hundred acres of fields and woodlands. Once a working dairy farm, it now holds nature?s very best tools for better health and long life, offering perhaps a brief retreat, a massage and an eye-opening shopping experience. (There is so much to learn, Grasshopper!) It?s a destination, not just for the self-renewal found in the services and products we provide, but for the simple, honest beauty of the The Herb Barn.

For those fortunate enough to be within driving distance, The Herb Barn offers several therapeutic options for addressing a multitude of health concerns. Proprietor Rosie Cupler has 17 years of experience in an array of natural disciplines used for identifying weakness and deficiency in specific areas in the body. In this case the word ?natural? refers to the non-invasiveness of the techniques. Reversing or abating the disadvantages of aging is a key component of our plan for your better health and happiness through nutritional supplementation.

Visit our website and learn about all the products and services we provide and see just how easy it is to improve your health and balance your life with additions to your diet-- not just subtractions. The way we eat can make us well and happy. Find out what foods may be causing you problems without you knowing and learn how to make adjustments in your environment that can mean the difference between being tired and disinterested and being in the game to win it!


  • Herbie Pacs/Herbal Aromatic Heating Packs
  • Herbs and Supplements
  • Reflexology and Massage Therapy
  • Holistic Consultation
  • Nutrition Response Testing


A full line of pain relief products made form natural ingredients.
We have Herbie Pacs, a natural Herbal Aromatherapy Heating Pad.
Choose from hundreds of products designed for your better health and happiness.
The Herb barn offers a brief retreat and an eye-opening shopping experience!
Enjoy the peaceful setting.
Sunshine heroes provide the support critical for optimal growth and development.
Support for Body Systems: Digestive, Immune, Circulatory and more.

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