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6 Tips to Improve Your Networking Game

6 Tips to Improve Your Networking Game

6 Tips to Improve Your Networking Game

Networking is a critical tool for increasing personal exposure, forging professional relationships, and developing business prospects, especially in today's increasingly digital business landscape. Through the internet we are more connected than ever before but statistics show that people still believe in the importance of meeting face-to-face. One survey of 750 business professionals conducted by Professor Julia Hobsbawm found that, "68% of junior level professionals value networking face-to-face above online." With a Business After Hours coming up in a couple of days, I thought it might be of value to provide several quick tips to improve your networking game...

1. Go Alone

It can be extremely daunting to attend an event alone. It can also be highly beneficial if your goal is to make connections. It can be difficult to meet new people if you bring someone along with you for company or always hang out with the same clique. 

2. Arrive Early 

Rather than being fashionably late, plan to arrive a little earlier than you might usually show up. The first hour of an event is commonly referred to as "Introvert Hour" when people are starting to arrive and most receptive to new conversations. 

3. Don't Forget Your Business Cards 

Even in the digital age, old school business cards are still useful. Business cards are physical representations of your brand that can act as reminders of your encounter. Carrying them is an indication of professionalism and preparedness. 

4. Set a Goal and Stick to It

Giving yourself quantifiable goals is a good way to measure success. Challenge yourself to meet three new people or hand out your business cards to five prospects or introduce yourself to someone you've really been meaning to contact. 

5. Ask for Introductions

Looking to get your foot in the door with someone but not sure how best to approach them? Chances are you know someone who knows them, if even only tangentially. Never be afraid to ask for the introduction. People enjoy helping others make connections. 

6. Focus on How You Can Help

Start every conversation hoping to learn "How can I help?" Solving problems for others is a surefire method for forming long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Attend our Business After Hours this Thursday and put these tips to the test! For more information and to register click HERE

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